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Sports and Shaping GirdleSports and Shaping Girdle
Sports and Shaping Girdle Sale price$ 149.50 MXN Regular price$ 299.00 MXN
Save $ 249.50 MXN
Sports and Shaping Girdle
Sports and Shaping Girdle Sale price$ 249.50 MXN Regular price$ 499.00 MXN
Translucent Powder Waterproof Oil ControlTranslucent Powder Waterproof Oil Control
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Chocolate Keratin Lizo Extreme 250ml
Planchado Exprés Termo Protector
Planchado Exprés Termo Protector Sale price$ 149.00 MXN
Keratin and Collagen Restructuring Thermal Protector
Diana Freight Waterproof ConcealerDiana Freight Waterproof Concealer
Diana Freight Waterproof Concealer Sale price$ 199.00 MXN
Argan Thermal Protector
Argan Thermal Protector Sale price$ 179.00 MXN
Primer Close The PorePrimer Close The Pore
Primer Close The Pore Sale price$ 140.00 MXN
Biomimetic Keratin Intensive Hair Treatment
Rubor Líquido Diana FletesRubor Líquido Diana Fletes
Rubor Líquido Diana Fletes Sale price$ 139.00 MXN
Keratin 500ml
Keratin 500ml Sale price$ 219.00 MXN
Eyebrow Soap Ironing Eyebrows At HomeEyebrow Soap Ironing Eyebrows At Home
Keratin 250ml.
Keratin 250ml. Sale price$ 119.00 MXN
Cepillo Alisador PrecisiónCepillo Alisador Precisión
Cepillo Alisador Precisión Sale price$ 169.00 MXN
Hair Botox Effect
Hair Botox Effect Sale price$ 129.00 MXN
Floral Bloom Highlight & Contour
Floral Bloom Highlight & Contour Sale price$ 179.00 MXN
Labial Matte Diana FletesLabial Matte Diana Fletes
Labial Matte Diana Fletes Sale price$ 199.00 MXN
Spray Nekane Alta Fijación
Spray Nekane Alta Fijación Sale price$ 159.00 MXN
Regenerative Treatment For Damaged Hair
Pomade and Shadow Eyebrow Prolux Medium Brown
Suero Anti-Acne
Suero Anti-Acne Sale price$ 199.00 MXN
Diana Fletes Blusher PaletteDiana Fletes Blusher Palette
Diana Fletes Blusher Palette Sale price$ 169.00 MXN
Shiny Glitter
Shiny Glitter Sale price$ 129.00 MXN